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Discover how the O’Farrell Financial Employee

Benefits Division can help boost your business.

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You have built a valuable business

that you deserve to see it thrive.

In taking care of your Team, you’re

taking care of your business.

An investment in the future of your employees, is an investment in the future of your business.

Investing in Your Employees

Investing in Your Employees

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An Investment in the Future:

Taking Care of Your Team

Group RRSPs provide employees with the opportunity to proactively save

for their future, while Group Health Benefits can help employees live

healthier lives. By including these as strategic components of your business

plan, you can offer attractive compensation package to bolster employee

retention and recruitment. Group benefits are also a tax-effective form of

compensation, allowing your business to save taxes overall.

Other advantages include:

Reduced turnover and absenteeism with healthier, more secure employees 

Benefits packages for as few as two employees 

Competitive pricing 

Economical life and disability coverage, often with no medical required 

Employees are given guaranteed levels of coverage

without having to submit medical evidence 

The O'Farrell Advantage

To help ensure you get the best possible plan design to attract and retain key

employees, we do the shopping for you. As Group Insurance Brokers, we act

as an intermediary between you, the client, and the insurer. Our responsibility

is to match you with insurance companies that most closely meet your needs.

Creating the employee benefits plan for your business takes experience and

knowledgeable advice; we will work with you to find the right fit.


To find out more about how employee benefits can help

make your business more successful contact us.


Benefits are not just for

BIG businesses, they are for

SMART businesses.

Take the first step and connect with us

for your business needs analysis.

It’s simple! We discuss your goals for your business and gather your company stats to show you a picture of how your custom compensation plan can work for you.

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We are regionally located across Eastern Ontario
and the Ottawa Valley to serve you.

Feel free to contact us toll-free: 1-877-989-1997

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40 Brock Street

Brockville ON



108 Second Street East

Unit 103

Cornwall ON



292 County Road 44

Kemptville ON



1035 O'Brien Road

Unit 14

Renfrew ON

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510 St. Lawrence Street

P.O. Box 518

Winchester ON

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